lunes, 30 de abril de 2007

The Thunderbolts

THE THUNDERBOLTS is the new proyect of ROSS "THE BOSS" (The Dictators,Manowar,Thunderboss,Brain Surgeons,Shaken Street,Spinatras...) & J.P. "THUNDERBOLT" (The Dictators,Wild Kingdom Manitoba,The Voluptuous Horror Of Karren Black,Thunderboss) with 3 spanish rockers: MIGUEL & FERNANDO PARDO (Sex Museum,Los Coronas) & JUANCHO (Bummer,The Crepitos) The band start recording a THIN LIZZY cover ("Jailbreak") for a tribute album.In April 05 the band did 2 legendary gigs in Spain at Gruta 77 & Helldorado playing Lizzy & Dictators covers plus few amazing J.P. originals songs.In a few days THE THUNDERBOLTS recording an album for Rock on music with some J.P. songs and a brilliant cover of "Stay with me" (Dictators) and 2 Lizzy ("Hollywood","Jailbreak") Now,they are ready for the action...other bands play,THE THUNDERBOLTS KILL!!!!!!!

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